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Wedding in Cinque Terre: Porto Venere

Imagine the beauty of getting married in a very old church overlooking the sea and in the heart of the Cinque Terre in Italy!
These our photos show you the ancient Church of San Pietro in Porto Venere, perched in a typical small Ligurian town: Porto Venere, overlooking the Gulf of La Spezia also called the Gulf of Poets.


This short photo reportage has been made by our wedding photographer in Genoa. The experienced eye for landscape and architecture, is a powerful PLUS for all those who work with portrait photography.
The spatial composition, the geometry, the perspective are crucial aspects that must be dominated by the professional wedding photographer. 
In other hand, if it stands in front of you so much architectural beauty, let’s fascinating your self by the images and the beautiful light of these photos.

Marriage in the Church of St. Peter in Porto Venere is a very exclusive experience.


St. Peter in Cinque Terre is a ancient abbey dating back to 1100, built on the ruins of a pagan temple dedicated to Venus (from which the adjacent town is named): the church is dedicated and named after its patron saint San Pietro. An intimate dimension, certainly not suitable for weddings with large numbers of guests, unless you choose to reserve the time of the ceremony only a few close friends and relatives.


The church of St. Peter, is decorated throughout with white and black marble.
It’s one of the most beautiful and evocative churches along all the coasts of Italy and perhaps of the world.
An ideal place for those who love the sea and want the sea itself as a special guest at their own wedding.
It’s the perfect church for people who love the taste of bygone days.
The church of San Pietro is the perfect place to get married if you love the distant and severe abbeys of Ireland and Scotland: it’s a magical place that excites also plain and free of any ceremonial preparation.


The church is also very cool and breezy during the hot summer time and ideal for not discard in their long dresses of ceremony and the view leaves everyone breathless even before the entrance of the bride in the church! The bell also, the arrival of the bride, plays the notes of a fascinating wedding march!

Useful info about San Pietro in Porto Venere:
Porto Venere is a small town, very touristy and with limited parking. There are not railway stations, but there are bus from La Spezia every hour. 
Studying well the organization of the event is providential in this case.

It’s advisable to park the car of your guests in the free car parking before arriving in the city. From there you can organize shuttle buses that lead to the main square of Porto Venere. 
The church is only at 5 minute walk from there. Disabled and elderly people, could be particularly strenuous walk on rough roads of the small seaside town.

For a wedding party and a wedding reception in the neighborhood, one solution would be to move to the Castle of Lerici or in one of the many restaurants overlooking the bay. 
For a super exclusive wedding party for a limited number of guests only, take advantage of the tourist port of Porto Venere, to embark you and your guests on a amazing yacht to have a weding lunch or a wedding dinner on board.

About the wedding photos in Portovenere, the area around the church of San Pietro offers a multitude of scenarios: the Fortress, for example, with its enviable view, is located on the top of the hill close to the city.

The terrace above the church:


Byron’s cave with its cliff overlooking the Ligurian Sea:


Porto Venere is a great, exclusive place for a eternal, amazing, pure wedding by the sea.
If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Cinque Terre and Porto Venere or La Spezia, focalewedding is the ideal choice: we know well the places and we know how to move around with professionalism. Moreover, living now in the city of Genoa, there will be no extra fee due to the distances.


Cinque Terre in Italy are a great place for a wedding by the sea to remember forever.

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