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It’s a beautiful jump into the past: the book of memories and the Polaroid photo album!
Today digitalization has stolen the beauty of the photos that we touch with our hands.
We are not nostalgic romantics, we love digital, but the fascination with photographic paper and albums (the beautiful handcrafted ones of course) never die!



Wedding, as a couple union, we hope it may be one in life and that our partner will be for life.
Wedding, as a event is certainly unrepeatable because of the people who participate, therefore it should also be considered as an opportunity for unrepeatable sharing.

In the Guest Book, thoughts and affection are always sincere.
A Guest Book can be used for wishes only, but when Polaroid photos are combined with wishes, Guest Books become even more precious objects!
It is the difference between radio and cinema: listening to words evokes images in our mind, viewing images makes us completely relive a particular situation!


Many times couples told us how exciting it was, the day after their wedding, to browse the guest book written the day before by their loved ones. It’s like opening a gift and prolonging the wedding.

Guest Book can be entertainment: many times we saw adults having fun being photographed and then enjoying writing on the Guest book.
For many today the Guest Book is a piece of the party that should never be missing at the wedding reception.


Is the GUEST BOOK a book or is it a tool?
Is the GUEST BOOK a sharing of affections, or is it just a way to say: – “I was there too!”?
Is the GUEST BOOK a way to keep dedications or photos or is it a way to make a wish?
Surely it’s all this and also is the perfect, elegant, discreet excuse to involve the guests, to sensitize them to remember that the reception is not like being in a restaurant!
Marriage is a day of sharing and the Guest Book is sharing.


Personal digression on the concept of RECEPTION: bride and groom often misrepresent the idea of wedding reception.
Sometimes they thought it is a way of thanking guests for participating.
Now, if you think it is necessary to thank any guests for coming to your wedding, give yourself a gift, do not invite them: you deserve better 😉

Let’s debunk the cliches:

“Is it enough for me to set up a table with the Guestbook and some Polaroid machines?”
Unfortunately 9 out of 10 times it doesn’t work.


1) Because the guest book must be suggested to guests. Making a wish for the bride is a moment of true sharing and therefore it may not be easy.
It is an individual act and an intimate moment, certainly more authentic than typing a whatsapp (the message is overcome, the printed paper is kept forever).
We are no longer used to write with pen in white sheet!
It is necessary to let go our feelings!
After overcoming the initial stumbling block, you will feels intimately better after writing some beautiful thought.


2) Because in wedding receptions, guests will rarely come spontaneously. The guests are usually more discreet than at a dinner at home. The elegance of ties and long dresses calls for behavior appropriate to the wedding tone,
Everyone knows, however, that wedding is the celebration of love and not just a PR event, so when the photographer invites the guest to take a photo and / or a dedication for the Guest Book, everyone always feels well prepared because involved .
The GUEST BOOK is a key to reinforcing everyone’s need for participation.


3) Because Polaroid cameras are not digital, therefore they must be managed by a photographer. The Polaroid cameras after about 10 shots must be opened and the film must be replaced every time. Who still uses film cameras? Nowadays it is a technical complication.
Having the Polaroid camera managed by an invited friend (who will never say that he would have preferred to enjoy the party) let’s be honest.+, is not an elegant solution.




“The Photo Guestbook only works when a photographer is going to manage it”

The goal of the Guestbook Polaroid photographer is always to offer the bride and groom the best possible experience of the event. During the reception, the photographer manages the Polaroid camera and work for involving the guests with discretion and elegance.
The photographer is the key because it allows you to:
– involve the guests (at least the majority of them) suggesting them the importance of dedicating their own thoughts to the wedding couple
– make the reception more dynamic and enjoyable
– if possible, also give the guests a printed photo souvenir to take away.



Guestbook and Polaroid are a perfect match.
When combined with a Photo booth, the reception becomes a TOP event!
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