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Photo Booth Focale wedding style

or Photobooth? Or Photo-booth?
However you write it, there are those who love it and those who don’t.
Those who enjoy themselves because they experience the wedding reception with the joy of sharing and those who would prefer an easy reception because what really matters is something different.
We like Photo booth because it give brilliance and dynamism to any event like weddings or birthday parties.
Please, consider that we don’t need to convince you! We used to photograph the situation for what it is and that’s the basis of FocaleWedding.
There are different ways of approaching the organization of a event that arises from a personal way of thinking.

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“Let’s debunk the clichés!”

Sometimes bride, groom and guests, especially when the context is very formal and elegant, prefer the way of discretion, low tones, thinking that low profile attitude is synonymous with refinement and prestige.
Let’s not confuse cheap and ridicule entertainment with professional entertainment.
Photo-Booth becomes baroque when it is not managed by professionals.
Photo Boooth is an element of visual impact in receptions that must retain its dedicated and well-studied space in relation to where the aperitif tables are positioned (when tables are present).
The help of a professional is highly recommended.

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“Is it enough to set up a table with some Polaroid cameras?”

We can say yes if your purpose is just enriching the location,
When your goal is to allow your guests taking photos, the “Up Yourself Polaroid Corner” does NOT work at all.
We have seen so many beautiful Photo Booth settings, but left to themselves so they lack real involvement.
A Photo Booth that works is a managed Photo Booth.
Otherwise Photo Booth will be only a colorful space, but ignored by almost all of your guests.
The FocaleWedding Photo-Booth is always manned by our photographer.
Our personal way of conduction of a Photo-Booth makes the difference because we know how to involve people with grace, sobriety and elegance.
An expert photographer knows how and when to ask people to participate in a Photo-Booth by offering them the guarantee of receiving well-made memories (and that eventually they may even take them home by a printed picture).


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“I don’t’ care: everyone will take pictures with their mobile phone!”

They will do it, it’s true!
As in our daily life, as in weddings, we like taking photos with our smartphones.
During a wedding, guests are often intent on taking a picture with the idea of keeping a private souvenir of the event.
It’s a commendable effort that then ends up forgetting digital memories crowded with other kind of photos, various documents, images of our job, of our pets, whatsapp images of our many whatsapp groups, etc …
The truth, however, is that our smartphone photograph will be lost in the memories of our smartphones.
Photo booth is the perfect way to take pictures of all your guests! You’ll never lost your wedding photographer’s photos!
If you will add a Guest book, the Photo booth pictures will never be forgot because we’ll collect them in a book!

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Photo-Booth focalewedding-Milano-PalazzoParigi_02

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“Accessories make the difference”

We have ours if you wish!
Here they are:
We have a series of accessories, beards, hairstyles, mustaches, glasses… and then a large number of comics to hold for “Communicating!” It is the logic of the vintage silent films of the early American cinematography! The films, strictly in black and white, had no audio. The voices of the protagonists had to be read by the viewer! The words written in panels that broke the footage were synthetic and easy to read. The Photo Booth was born from this traditional concept and our replica in our printed accessories wants to be a nice, stylish and a solution easy to use.
Our accessories are precious objects on colored shaped Forex. Forex is a safe, light and resistant material, impermeable to liquids and usable in any context.
For very exclusive events, we have also worked with costume designers who have provided real wigs, antique stage clothes, real glasses and a whole set of clothes whose rental is not a detail to be underestimated. We reserve the right to manage certain complexities only upon explicit request from the wedding planner or client agency.

Photo-Booth focalewedding_Italy-Forex_03

Photo-Booth focalewedding_Italy-Forex_04

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“The Photo Booth backdrop”

We provide our universal backdrop-holder structure and the backdrops we have (structure measurements: up to 3 meters wide and up to 2.80 meters high).
It would be great to create your own ad hoc backdrop for your personal event!
With a little extra, on request, our creative team will create a graphic project designed for a real photo backdrop made of fabric.
Just consider an adequate advance to manage production and printing times.
We are also used to manage Photo Booth when instead of our backdrop there is a scenography provided by externals
When Photo Booth scenography is made by real armchairs, tables with chairs, lamps and other accessories the logistics and set-up will be the subject of a project with an ad hoc estimate depending on the complexity of the scenography.
Setting up, transportation and then picking up at the end of the event are just some of the complexities to manage.

Photo-Booth focalewedding_Italy-fondali-tessuto copia Photo-Booth focalewedding_Italy-fondale-tessuto stampato fiori copia Photo-Booth focalewedding_Italy-fondale-tessuto fiori bianchi copia Photo-Booth focalewedding_Italy-fondale-fondale tessuto fiori rosa copia

Focalewedding’s Photo-booth is a quality entertainment where every detail of its management is not left to chance and offers just interesting opportunities:
– entertain the guests during the aperitif with an elegant divertissement
– enrich the reception with a beautiful idea always well appreciated by guests
– create the ideal situation for taking photos to of your all guests!
– dissolve the event tension and take advantage of the game of photography to create moments of authentic sharing happiness.
– in case you have added a Polaroid Service, immediately give the guests a souvenir photo of the wedding)

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Photo-Booth focalewedding-Milano-PalazzoParigi_10

Photo Booth focalewedding_Villa-Miani-Roma_05

Seeking the advice of an experienced and professional team is essential.

A Photo booth, set up with dedicated lights and a professional photo backdrop requires ad hoc management of the spaces of the location and also an adequate thinking concerning the safety parameters due to the presence of professional lighting equipments.

In end if you want to combine the entertainment of the Photo booth to the idea of giving a gadget to your guests (Polaroid), click the BUTTON BELOW and enjoy reading:

or combine Photo booth to your own memorable Guest book! Read the the following article to know something more:

NB: we at Focale Wedding produce quality handcrafted Guestbooks with high quality coated paper, personalized hard covers with hot engravings.
Contact us by phone or email for more information on all types of Guest books and Wedding albums.

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