Polaroid Focalewedding photography style

POLAROID Focalewedding style

All people is waiting and the bride is coming.
Boys, grandmothers, uncles and friends, all standing facing the entrance.
With their smartphones they point the bride as she enters the church …
All of us have seen that scene, isn’t it?
We are used to shoot anything using our phones, can you imagine at a such important event?
But then what happens to all these photos?
We are used to forget most of them, inside huge smartphones memories or Clouds or worse in external Hard Disks (in the rare cases where you have the thought of backing up the memory of your smartphone).

The idea of preserving memories is therefore a normal and common thought.
A commendable effort that is sometimes made just to participate at the moment.
Sometimes, it is easier for some to take their smartphone and think of something practical to do …
Sometimes letting go of emotions and experiencing the moment with our own eyes can not be taken for granted.
In end, for all of us all, smartphone photographers, the truth is that we will only have captured another photo, maybe good, maybe not, very soon lost somewhere in our devices…

Polaroids photos are nice, smart, a bit stylish and ideal for any personal events.
Polaroid cameras offer the advantage of capturing memories and having them printed immediately!

Polaroid Focalewedding photography style

Polaroid Focalewedding photography style

In contrast to the trends of digital photography,
the photographs printed on paper are back in vogue.
In a world where everything is virtual and impalpable it is even more pleasant to receive a gadget, even more if it’s a very personalized souvenir like our picture.
The vintage of the Polaroids married immediately with another revival concept: the Photobooth!
It’s such a perfect match as cream, chocolate ice-cream!
Read our article HERE to find out more about Focalewedding Photo-booth!

Polaroid Focalewedding photography style

Polaroid and Photobooth have changed, improving it, the way of experiencing personal events, giving brilliance to receptions, dynamism at weddings, fun at birthday parties, etc.
Focalewedding’s approach is always a guarantee of quality entertainment where every detail is designed by professionals with respect for a discreet and elegant tone.
Polaroid and Photobooth have undoubtedly become a trend element always appreciated by everyone during weddings of all levels.

“So, I just need to set up a table with Polaroid Cameras! That’s all?
(It’s just cheaper and it will be fine anyway?)

Unfortunately not.
The risk of failure is high. The risk of spending less to not getting what you want is certainty.
Let’s see just some of the practical aspects not to be underestimated:
the polaroid machines take about ten photos, then stop, they must be opened and the film must be replaced.
It is not an operation that can be left to children, mothers or enthusiastic friends.

“Ok! A friend of mine like photography so much, he can do it therefore no problem!”

Polaroid Focalewedding photography styleOf course he will be able to do it!
Unfortunately you will realize too late that you have condemned a friend who hoped to be an invited like the others and instead finds himself playing the role of the photographer at your wedding. Too bad! Of course he will never tell you that he would have preferred to enjoy the party and you will justify yourself by thinking that he’s a photo lover and that taking pictures is his passion…
With the same approach, you could also assign different roles to other guests? Why not? In end, pay attention to bad tongues …

“A professiona photographer makes the difference”

Polaroid Focalewedding photography styleWhy?
Partly because of the lack of practicality of some, partly because of the laziness of others, when we see a “do-it-yourself Polaroid corner”, it ends up abandoned or at the mercy of children looking for some new game to play.
Focalewedding Polaroid service provide a photographer which manage the Polaroid camera during the reception,
he measure its use, he manage to involve people with discretion and elegance,
he get what you want to get from a Polaroid machine:

  • take photos to print in REAL TIME
  • enrich the party with a vintage and stylish flavor
  • entertain guests with funny photos because at a funny party you are not just eating or drinking!
  • give guests a souvenir of your wedding
  • or treat yourself to a Guest book made of Polaroid taken together with friends and relatives.

Polaroid Focalewedding photography style

Polaroid Focalewedding photography style

Polaroid Focalewedding photography style

Polaroid Focalewedding photography style Polaroid Focalewedding photography style

The final question is: Do-it-yourself Polarid Corner or Managed Polarid Corner?

Polaroid Focalewedding photography styleFrom our experience of years of events we can affirm that the difference in the result avoids any misunderstanding and the decision to have everything managed by a photographer is the only guarantee of effectiveness. And we don’t say it to draw water to our mill. Experience is professionalism. We put ours at your disposal also in this article, for free.

Photo by Focale Wedding.

The Polaroid service + Guest book sevice + Photobooth service is certainly the all-round solution to make any event memorable and fun.
If you want you can also read our article down here to know something more about our wedding Guest books.

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NB: we at Focale Wedding produce quality handcrafted Guestbooks with high quality coated paper, personalized hard covers with hot engravings.
Contact us by phone or email for more information on all types of Guest books and Wedding albums.

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