It’s a beautiful jump into the past: the book of memories and the Polaroid photo album! Today digitalization has stolen the beauty of the photos that we touch with our hands. We are not nostalgic romantics, we love digital, but the fascination with photographic paper and albums (the beautiful handcrafted ones of course) never die! […]

Photo Booth focalewedding_Villa-Miani-Roma_04

or Photobooth? Or Photo-booth? However you write it, there are those who love it and those who don’t. Those who enjoy themselves because they experience the wedding reception with the joy of sharing and those who would prefer an easy reception because what really matters is something different. We like Photo booth because it give […]

Polaroid Focalewedding photography style

Church. All people is waiting and the bride is coming. Boys, grandmothers, uncles and friends, all standing facing the entrance. With their smartphones they point the bride as she enters the church … All of us have seen that scene, isn’t it? We are used to shoot anything using our phones, can you imagine at […]

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