The photo-video slideshow during the wedding reception

The choice to make a photo and / or video projection during weddings always involves a significant difference in making a wedding party that is worthy of note and memory.
The style and elegance of the projection must obviously reflect the tone of the event.
A projection of images, when well organized and then managed in a professional way, is a moment of sharing that gives great value to the whole event.
It is a gesture that interests everyone and that catalyzes the attention on what the bride and groom desire to say.
The slideshow are not always made just by photos of the spouses: this moment is sometimes used to communicate something fun, something personal, sometimes it is simply the way of sharing memories that reinforce a sense of belonging that is often taken for granted.
A professional slideshow is a simple and direct way to say how special it is to be there that day and how is important to belong to that group of people on the most special day of a newly married couple.

Daniele and Sara wedding at Villa Miani in Rome:ilmomentodellefoto_proiezionefoto_focalewedding_01
The contents of the slideshow can be memories or even a loud and clear message to everyone when is needed (this was the case with Vincenzo and Antonio during their gay wedding in Agrigento, Sicily).
Whatever the content of the presentation, which is still customized by the focalewedding team in accordance with the wishes of the spouses,
it is a moment that fills the festive occasions and makes the entertainment of a reception more pleasant because it streamlines the times.
Sometimes, when the guests are well attuned to the images, it can become a moment that can involve and excite as much and even more than the exchange of the rings.
You can also consider this slideshow just a way to warm the hearts and attract attention to yourself: at the end of the slideshow there will be the perfect moment to give space for your real words.



When we talk about a professional presentation and slideshow we mean:
– dedicate an operator to the management of the presentation, and when required, also create the slideshow directly on the day of the event including the most beautiful and touching images of the wedding,
– provide a backdrop on which to project, industrial cables and extension cables and a Mac for on-site video assembly,
– ensure that quality audio is reproducible and can be listened to by all guests, provided that a suitable audio system if available in the location,
– make our audio-video experience available to manage the technical details before and during the event itself, leaving the couple the pleasure of enjoying the show and their guests.

Private Party in Palazzo Parigi, Milano:ilmomentodellefoto_proiezionefoto_focalewedding_08

We will take care to speak with the location managers before the event to evaluate which services are actually available in the location, the spaces, the audio equipment on site and their compatibility with our devices.
We will evaluate the technical details and wiring possibilities. If it will be impossible to carry out the presentation, the spouses will be notified in time and therefore no costs will be charged for the lack of service.
We will suggest the perfect projection space to obtain an ideal projection that is compatible with the spaces and also with the normal course of work at the event.
Obviously the spouses must be aware of every choice, but their thoughts will still be dedicated to something else.




The contents that have asked us to show up are the most varied. There are no rules and in any case it is a moment of free speech.
Sometimes we project contents received by the spouses themselves as a roundup of photos provided that tell the story of the bride and of the groom from their childhood until today,
sometimes are friends who provide us contributions, such as photos or videos of those absents from the event.
Often, however, without external contributions, we create projections which tells the most beautiful moments immortalized by the sophisticated and professional eyes of the photographers.
An idea that always arouses much hilarity are the interviews with friends and relatives made during the day (when obviously a videomaker is expected to shoot a wedding film).
At times, a rarer but truly touching idea is to project a series of “significant” images for the couple, over which short speeches, dedications and thanks and / or messages were held to be shared with everyone.

Marriage is a celebration of a couple’s love, but also an occasion that is unlikely to re-appear in a couple’s life: having all the loved ones around for a day. What a better time to tell something to everyone?!
Tell it live! Tell it with the universal language of images and music. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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