Wedding selfie

It was a trend, today it’s a routine.

Nowadays selfies are rampant even in the wedding world.
It’s cause of the desire to show be there? Need to share an important moment of his life?
Whatever the motivation behind a wedding selfies, we are now accustomed. As professional photographers we like taking photos of brides and grooms taking wedding selfies with their friends. In this article we show you a selection of our own shots of wedding selfies.

Some guests told us about their need to take a selfie with the bride and groom, arises because they fear that they will never see the pictures that we will give to the newlyweds. So they decide to make a nice wedding selfies to be sure to take home their wedding photo souvenir.

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In almost all cases, even during the same wedding day, facebook pages of the spouses and of all the guests, blow up of photos taken with mobile phones, so far before the arrival of official wedding reportage, (the beautiful and professional wedding photos), taken by the official photographers.

When fashion of selfies, was not yet a mass phenomenon, almost all judged negatively that trend (played as always by little boys aged between 14 and 20 years).
Not so slowly, the selfie has become a mass phenomenon. Of course, Facebook and Instagram have legitimized this evolution (or devolution) social.
Today, even the most radical chic persons, initially reluctant to this media mania, have given way to a modus of life that is no longer perceived as odd.
Obviously it remains a hard core group of those who want to distance themselves from selfies judging it “not fancy” or “something for kids”.
In other hand: who has never made a selfie? Heads of State, the Church, stakeholders, VIPs and star of every environment and industry have “accepted”, ridden and exploited the so much hated selfies.

Now we see people taking selfies, during any type of event or situation of daily life and of course during weddings. What is perhaps not expected is that you want to click a self-portrait photo with your phone, even when you are in front of a real photographer, available for free, very professional and equipped with the best equipment, holding the ability to well frame and illuminate a photo.
This denotes that the selfies is perceived as a different photo, something apart, the official photographer can not do it.
It’s the pleasure or desire to do it yourself? Perhaps it’s simply the need to preserve that picture immediately? To secure it inside your own mobile phone?
Maybe it’s the need to publish it on Facebook? Probably, the socials are the key of making selfies.

wedding-selfie-focalewedding-reportage-bestweddingphotography-italy_06 wedding-selfie-focalewedding-reportage-bestweddingphotography-italy_04wedding-selfie-focalewedding-reportage-bestweddingphotography-italy_03

More and more we often see guests who embrace the bride and groom to make a wedding selfies, sometimes using slefie sticks. Companies of every stature ride the commercial sales producing self accessories as electric batons, sometimes equipped with mini LED lighting systems powered by batteries.

In end, we think that the wedding selfie are nice, because they allow us to take other nice pictures to you and your friends.

Wedding selfie is definitely a very pleasant and enjoyable snap.
In other hand, the photographer professional photo is something completely different.
A wedding reportage capture the most ‘beautiful and exciting moments of a wedding event” and revive them to people who will see it. Year after year. Forever.
We think it’s nice that everyone can take pictures, by any means, using phone or the most advanced cameras but hiring a professional photographer, or better a professional wedding photographer, is obviously better: it’s something that can never be replaced by improvisation of a photo lover or a friends with his amazing phone or his very advanced cameras…

wedding-selfie-focalewedding-reportage-bestweddingphotography-italy_08 wedding-selfie-focalewedding-reportage-bestweddingphotography-italy_09wedding-selfie-focalewedding-reportage-bestweddingphotography-italy_10wedding-selfie-focalewedding-reportage-bestweddingphotography-italy_11wedding-selfie-focalewedding-reportage-bestweddingphotography-italy_12

Note on mobile phone photos:
please you do not ever think that the quality of the optics made by Leica SLR is the same advertised in mobile brands.
It’s the same thing concerning Zeiss lenses in other phones. Lenses used in mobile phones are not the same used in the world of professional photography.

Note on the photographer friends:
a photographer friend is a friend and not a professional photographer.
The advantage of hiring a friend for his wedding: saving money.
The disadvantage: maybe you can not ask him what you want when you want it?
Maybe you will not have too many stunning memories of this important day?
Perhaps you will not have pictures of all your guests or parents?
Maybe you’ll even do the figure of those who wanted to spare for your wedding?
For sure you do go a hell day at your friend if that is not accustomed to the role of a professional photographer… 😉

Note about Cerini photographers:
Sometimes, at weddings they occur photographers “Cerini” (historical phenomenon particularly in vogue in Italy, especially in Rome and in the South of Italy).
Sometimes they are also confused as the official staff of the wedding photo studio.
What are the Cerini photographers? They are not authorized photographers who shoot stolen photos to the bride and groom as they arrive at church.
Then they will take portraits to all guests. During the ceremony (or the wedding reception) they print the photos and go back to the ceremony or the party to sell their photos bonded on cards at a price ranging from 10 to 15 euro. It’s a easy business.
So we ask ourselves: how do these groups share the churches and restaurants, or hotels in the city?
It will be an all-out war in Gomorra style? What will they do to dodge the competition?
For our part we would like to blame only the invasive behavior of some of these photographers, as street vendors to the fish market.
By contrast we note that we have never had real problems with these photographers.
Sometimes, in rare cases, the friendliest cerini photographers, present themselves to the official wedding photographers and ask for permission to shoot.
Once, we were in Rome, and a nice old lady who watched these guys out of Santa Maria in Trastevere church, looked at me and said:

– “Che tocca fa’ pe’ campà?!” –

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