Destination wedding

Destination Wedding: from Istanbul to Rome for love.

The number of foreign couples who choose Italy as a destination to celebrate their dream of love is gradually increasing.
Destination wedding is a rising trend, and how to blame them?

When we imagine our wedding day we want it to be like a unique and unrepeatable dream.

Sometimes it is not enough to be surrounded by the embrace of our loved ones and friends: it is essential that everything, really everything is perfect; the location, the dress, the photographer, the flowers, and most of all the place, the location where to celebrate it!

The reasons that push the Destination Wedding to Italy are many. Here we are to try to clarify something more about it telling you about one of our international wedding in Rome.

Our beautiful couple decided to move from Istanbul to Rome for their wedding.
Fascinated by the seventeenth-century atmosphere of Villa Aurelia on the Gianicolo hill, they said YES with an outdoor civil ceremony, and embarked on a new path of life in the shadow of the eternal city.
Villa Aurelia has often changed its name over the centuries, depending on the owner who lived there, but has always managed to maintain its historical unchanged identity both in the architectural structure of the building and in the splendor of his gardens.

Above all Villa Aurelia, generously offers to all guests a breathtaking view over the rooftops, over the domes and over the monuments of the Eternal city of Rome.
We of FocaleWedding team we have not even resisted to this charm.

We start our journey almost like the fairytale incipit of “Once upon a time …”, and then the journey begins. Let the gates open:Destination wedding focalewedding_1

Destination wedding focalewedding_2

And immediately the air you breathe seems to have stopped in time.

Destination wedding focalewedding_5

We arrived in the huge rooms on the Villa that recall moods of ancient times. Then the team of professional hairstylists and make-up artists start working taking care of all details.

The backstage of the wedding dress tells about those moments of hard waiting before the ceremony.
Some images may appear not so important, but they bring back sensations and perfumes.
The veil lying between the chairs seems to dance with the wind (the Ponentino wind of Rome).

The light that enters from the large windows, seems playing with the golden stucco walls.

Destination wedding focalewedding_14 Destination wedding focalewedding_13 Destination wedding focalewedding_15 Destination wedding focalewedding_16

It does not matter how long you expected this day: everything is told, silently, in a wedding photo reportage.

Destination wedding focalewedding_29 Destination wedding focalewedding_32

Destination wedding focalewedding_62 Destination wedding focalewedding_48

Outside the guests are waiting, in their refined dresses with colorful, fluffy and elegant fabrics, surrounded by the high hedge of the Italian garden and refreshed by the ancient fountain. They are all ready for them: the newlyweds!

Destination wedding focalewedding_70Bride and groom arrive happy. To promise each other.

Destination wedding focalewedding_74 Destination wedding focalewedding_78

And immediately the party begins. The dinner set up outdoors. The music. A marriage is an explosive and contagious joy. As professional phptgraphers and videomaker, our mission is to freeze emotions forever.

Destination wedding focalewedding_105Destination wedding focalewedding_113Destination wedding focalewedding_118 Destination wedding focalewedding_128

We are sure that she will always remember the words of her husband and this shot will bring back forevere the energy of that evening.

Destination wedding focalewedding_138

Happiness on the face of the bride’s friends is shared. The joy of these moments is at the top and can not be artificially created but only captured in one click.

Destination wedding focalewedding_20

“A wedding phot reportage is a story, it’s not just a photograph“

Destination wedding focalewedding_168 Destination wedding focalewedding_163 Destination wedding focalewedding_158

A complicity of lights.

Destination wedding focalewedding_170

Wedding Planner: Laura Tucceri @ Noblesse Oblige.

Photo: Focale Wedding staff in Rome.

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