Wedding Reportage: the other side of the photo journalism

Wedding reportage is a trend concerning wedding photography.
No more pictures where bride and groom are posing, no more photos with fixed eyes in camera and no more photos with fake smiles! Now it’s time for naturalness and spontaneity: this is the meaning of photo-journalism offering the bride and groom a stunning and never dull wedding photo album.


Photo journalism is the photography at the service of the news.
A marriage is definitely a news that deserves to be put in the foreground, at least in the personal and family context of the couple who marries.

A wedding photo reportage is a story telling through photography, a collection of all those moments experienced by the spouses and guests in a day, during a preparation, a ceremony, a party… capturing images in their most complete and broadest genuineness.



It’s a task far from easy because catching moments never offers a second chance, you can not repeat or arrange the subjects better in the frame. A wedding reportage needs a strong team of professionals who know how to work together, who are able to move discreetly among the guests and who have the watchful eye to capture beautiful moments.

It happens very often that the photographer have to catch very fast actions, such as the launch of the bride’s bouquet, or the rice in front of the churchyard or the sudden bright and moved eyes of a guest. The scene can not be repeated. The protagonists cannot repeat the pose.
Shooting in that way, it’s very easy to lose forever precious moments.



Fortunately it happens more rarely that a couple entrust the photo narration of his marriage to a friend or to a cousin and this is because we don’t like any more the traditional photo album with the classic ritual boring portraits…
The difference between a professional and a friend will be always evident.
Not giving importance to the photos of our wedding is a error that sooner or later you always regret.

A growing number of couples are looking for a wedding reportage as an alternative to the classic photo shooting, and this choice reflects the new way of communication, that is much more spontaneous and simple, with more importance to emotions rather than appearances. This does not mean that you want to give up the traditional white dress, the veil and the groom eagerly waiting at the altar. At the same time we want to see and show and share our intimate feelings.



Here we are: the photographs become more smiling, the bride is beautiful even with that rebellious curl that has slipped down from the hairstyle and the groom is much more relaxed with the tie just loosened and that bright smile while laughing with friends.
Now we can appreciate the love of a father who entrusts his daughter to that man. We see it in the gesture of his hand that caresses the face of the bride, in that look that speaks without words.
These are the photographs that are taken in a marriage reportage and that, indeed, become its protagonists.



To shoot a wedding reportage it is not enough to know the photo technique, but is essential to have a heart, to understand the personality of the couple and capture their being with ease almost “disappearing in front of the subject “, as in a quote of the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Telling an event in few hours, without the possibility of making mistakes, is always a new challenge. The reportage photographer lives with a touch of adrenaline, the emotion of getting involved, animated by the undisputed passion for photography.


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