Destination Wedding
Italy - 2018

Italian Destination Wedding: rising trend.

The term Destination Wedding, of Anglo-Saxon origin, contains the desire to get married in a heavenly place far from home.
Often the choice of the place falls on a place already visited during a holiday or, more simply, represents the place that you always wanted to visit and that, immediately after the wedding, turns into a long-awaited honeymoon.

It is an important choice because it drastically reduces the number of guests. In fact, not all guests will be willing to move to the other side of the world to attend your wedding, but if you like an intimate and confidential ceremony in your wedding day the Destination Wedding is the ideal solution.

Italy sees the trend in the Destination Wedding sector in absolute ascent. The reasons for this growth are many.
History and beauty: Italy is a single large open-air museum that turns into the ideal scenario for a wedding reportage. Who does not want Ponte Vecchio as a wedding witness in Florence or the Colosseum in Rome?
Charm and enchanting places: the enchantment of places that bring you back in time giving us unique views, the magnificence of our many cities and medieval villages, the undisputed green of bucolic landscapes respond perfectly to the magic you want to give to your wedding day.
Romance. The list of the romantic Italian cities par excellence would be very long: most of the Italian cities are romantic. Some for the grandeur of their monuments, others for breathtaking views and others, small and intimate, for that fairytale atmosphere that makes you dream.
And finally another decisive aspect in choosing Italy as destination wedding is the quality of food and wine production: Italian excellence in cooking is recognized all over the world, and enjoy it in the native place, enriches the same dish with a further charm, almost one could perceive the millennial tradition that lies behind every preparation.
Every single element would be, in itself, a more than valid reason for choosing Italy, but when all these elements come together, they become an irresistible call and ideal frame for a love story.

If you have made your decision to get married abroad, one of the most important aspects is to choose a local Wedding Planner that can take care of the bureaucratic and organizational details for you. Very important is also entrusting the success of your marriage to the eye attentive and discreet of specialized wedding event photographers that knows how to tell and grasp everything you are experiencing.

The choice of the photographer in a Destination Wedding is even more strategic because freezing your emotions is not a simple matter of technique: the photographer need to be empathetic with the spouses, get to know each other, understand your expectations and desires…
We at Focale Wedding (click here fot more informations) have gained extensive experience in weddings with foreign spouses because we know perfectly English, French and Spanish.
After a first contact via email of presentations, we can also proceed via Skype for a deeper cognitive phase, where it becomes easier to understand the wishes of the spouses, the mood they have chosen and the expectations and desires that they live. Choosing the photographer who will talk about you is an important moment because it means entrusting to others the story of a fundamental day for your life as a couple and we are convinced that listening is a key element for the success of a wedding report.
Being in front of a camera and try to be a model for one day is not easy for anyone, unless you are a professional actor. Being photographed is first and foremost a conquest of trust: that day you must not think of anything else but enjoy your big day and we at Focale Wedding know it well and we just want to turn your wedding into a dream.

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